• Homepage masonry grid, showing random projects and press articles

    Home page masonry grid, showing random projects and press articles

  • Typical project category pages

    The typical project category pages uses a standard grid. The layout becomes calmer.

  • Typical Residential project page

    Typical project page.

  • Embedded Lightbox image gallery

    A minimalist lightbox viewer is used to focus the attention of the visitor on the large photographs.

  • Website Homepage detail of the main navigation menu

    A detail of the clear and user friendly navigation menu.

In 2001 we designed and built the website of S.H. Architects. That original website was very well received. It featured in the publication "Taschen’s 1000 favourite websites" and eventually achieved ten years of longevity.
In 2011 we decided that it was time for a complete redesign in order to bring the website to the latest standards.
In a close collaborative process with the client we designed a dynamic, almost chaotic, masonry grid displaying a random selection of projects and press articles that stands in contrast to a very clear and simple navigation toolbar. The webpages become more restrained as the visitor navigates deeper into the site, concluding on project pages of pure calmness.

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